The Estate Planning Process

An investment in your estate plan will provide certainty and efficiency as to the administration of your estate.  No matter what your circumstances are, this is time well spent.  From start to finish, the entire process for developing an estate plan is relatively painless.

Schedule an Initial Consultation

Call me or send me an e-mail.  I will schedule an initial consultation where we will discuss your circumstances in detail.  Also, I will mail you an Estate Planning Worksheet for you to fill out prior to your initial consultation.  

Complete & Return the Estate Planning Worksheet

When you receive your Estate Planning Worksheet in the mail, you will want to fill it out at your convenience.  As you are completing the Estate Family Worksheet, you will notice that there are many issues to consider when developing an estate plan.  Put a lot of thought into the process.  The Estate Planning Worksheet serves not only to give me the information necessary to develop your estate plan, but it also should get you thinking about many important decisions.

Once complete, please mail your Estate Planning Worksheet back as soon as possible.  It will be necessary for me to review the worksheet prior to our meeting.

The Initial Consultation

Prior to your initial consultation, I will review your returned Estate Planning Worksheet.  When we meet, you will have the opportunity to indicate your concerns, goals, and questions.  Together, we will discuss and develop an estate plan that is tailored to your circumstances and goals.  Near the end of the meeting, I will schedule with you a second meeting for you to sign the documents.   

After the meeting, I will begin drafting the documents necessary for your estate plan.  Once the appropriate documents have been prepared, a draft copy will be mailed to you for your review. 

Review & Amend the Documents

At your convenience, review and make any necessary amendments to your documents.  Once all documents have been reviewed and amendments marked, mail the documents to my office for their final preparation before signing.

The Signature Meeting

At this meeting, your final documents will be presented for your final review and signature.  Certain documents require particular formalities to be met to ensure it is a valid document. 

Also, we will discuss your copies of documents and whether the law firm will retain originals for safekeeping.  If a trust is utilized, we will also discuss how to properly fund the trust.

Continued Review, Updates & Amendments

Once your estate plan is in place, I will keep you informed as to changes to federal and state laws that may affect your plan.  If you desire an update or amendment, you can also feel free to contact me at any time. 

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